Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sneak peek

I finally finished my products for the Designers Christmas Fair this weekend! What a relief... I'm quite pleased having managed to get it all done despite lots of delays due to sickness. (The latest being a one week tummy bug for both me and kiddo...) Just need to sort out the rest of the packaging and labels now. Here's a little preview on what I'll have to offer. (A little explanation for my International readers: the printed text on the baby onesies are little word plays on quotes made by certain Norwegians over the course of 2007.)

I should probably also mention that I recycle material in all my productions. I use vintage fabrics, old dishes and second hand or deadstock onesies.

Apropos the onesies - I've finally tested my Gocco printer. I actually did the silk screening manually, but I used the Gocco to make the screens. Now I can't wait to print on paper.


lookwhaticando said...

Oh it all looks so amazing. xoxoxo Hope some of it makes it to your shop. xoxox

Janne said...

Thanks, Dawn! I will set up an Etsy shop and put some magnets and book covers out there at the first chance I get (which may take a few days due to more illness and computer problems, but it will be done.)