Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stockholm i mitt hjärta (Stockholm in my heart)

After New York, Stockholm is my favorite city. I've been longing to go there again for some time now, and reading this and this blog (scroll down a bit for several great Stockholm posts) just reinforced that longing. To cut a long story short, my friend Maggie was eager to go somewhere too, and yesterday we booked our tickets and hotel, leaving in a couple of weeks. We intend to explore and be tourists rather than shoppers... I still hope to make a few vintage bargains. It is Stig Lindberg and Marianne Westman country after all.

I visited Stockholm for the first time 10 years ago with the experienced traveller (not to mention shopper!) Paul Löwe (now of Sweet Paul fame) and I couldn't have asked for a better guide. I picked up the Stockholm Modern - a guide book to the city's design, then, and although some of the info is now dated, I still love it. (It's a shame it hasn't been updated, because it is such a well designed book.) Today I picked up my second Stockholm guide book, the Phaidon Wallpaper City Guide. It is very small, but has some good stuff in it.

In recent years I've come across the program Allsång på Skansen on Swedish TV, and having watched it a few times, it grew on me. To the extent that I now want to go there and be part of the crowd... NOT because of the audience's participation in the singing or because I hope to get on TV or anything (heaven forbid!). I think it must be that whole Stockholm atmosphere brainwashing me. So, fingers crossed, I might finally make this tacky little dream come true :-D

Top image from flickr.


Jacqui said...

I fell in love with Stockholm (and Sweden) when I was there almost two years ago now. I dream of getting back to spend more time exploring but it's such a long and expensive way from New Zealand I guess I'll just have to dream for awhile longer! Take lots and lots of photos to share with us please!

Maggie said...

Oh, admit it! You do like a good old singsong.

Janne said...

Dear Maggie. Singsong, maybe. But not singalong ;-) Too much like karaoke. Didn't we learn our lesson after doing 'I'm too sexy for my shirt'...?

Gro Koppen said...


Vil bare anbefale denne utstillingen på Liljevalchs, Djurgården (rett ved Nordiska museet). Fikk aldri gått innom selv, hadde med to barn.. Men tror virkelig den er verdt å få med seg!

Francesca said...

oh me too me too! i love stockholm. a very livable city. i found emma's guide really helpful:

we loved sodermalm and the sunday buffet at grill was fantastic:

hope you have an amazing time. look forward to seeing your stylish purchases! x