Friday, July 24, 2009

IKEA at Liljevalchs Konsthall

This exhibition was worth going to. Vintage Ikea catalog covers. I particularly liked some of the early ones from the 60s and 70s (surprise).

Cool looking baby seats, but they probably would have failed every safety test around these days.
The first plastic chairs from Ikea were produced at a bucket factory. I love the lamp in this pic. (I found a white one at Gamla Lampor, but it had a dent in the screen and was priced at 900 kroner. I did not buy it.)

I think this sleeping couch looks great.

Some of Ikea's vintage fabrics were also on display. These two were my favorites.

The café served 'Six cookies and a dream' for 69 kroners (a favored price at Ikea, it seems. The entry cost the same, as did the exhibition catalog.)
The more bizarre part of the exhibition took part in the basement. It housed a vintage shop, where people had donated their surplus Ikea items for the museum to sell on. All for a good cause, of course (Stadsmissionen). In one corner they had even installed a very authentic basement storage room full of old Ikea furniture.


Francesca said...

what a great exhibition! i didn't know ikea had been going so long. x

mel bomba said...

great images, i love the vintage kids fabric.

forrestina vintage said...

fantastic post, thanks! Ikea's been an innovator for decades--funny how people think they've only been around for this generation. we studied their marketing plan through the years in a marketing class; they've always been brilliant!