Friday, July 10, 2009

Puppy playtime

Kurt and his dog cousin Xavier met for the first time yesterday. Kurt was neutred two days earlier, but this didn't stop him from throwing his weight around with the little dachshund, only 12 weeks old. They had the best time, beating each other up for hours.

Ready, steady, GO!

Long snout = great target.

A short water break

..and here we go again.

Even very energetic puppies must sleep at some point.


Amy said...

Great photos! Reminds me of what my dogs do every morning - they are in nap mode now luckily!

Juddie said...

Oh! Be still my beating heart! I love watching dogs play with total exuberance! (especially such cuties as these two ...

mel bomba said...

i love it when the dogs find their perfect playmate to have a bit of fun with... to cute!