Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Stockholm pics. Promise.

Gamla stan, the old part of town.

The charity shop Stadsmissionen (the Gamla Stan branch) had these beautiful Terma pots and pans for sale. Not too expensive, either. (150 kroner for the coffee pot. I was tempted...) Designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg.

This was my favorite restaurant on this trip. I love Thai food, and this one really delivered. I had BBQ chicken satay - it was a huge portion and so nice I couldn't leave any behind, so I was pretty stuffed after my visit to Koh Phangan at Södermalm.

Outside Moderna Museet they have these sculptures by Calder. Inside they showed a fantastic photo exhibition called Reality Revisited.

Rosendals Trädgård was another great stop we did. They serve all ecologically, home-grown food in the café and you can also buy food to take home from their shop.

As we walked around Djurgården we came across this restaurant. I think the huge bean bags on the lawn is such a clever idea.

Flickorna Helin & Voltaire is a little gem of a place situated on Rosendalsvägen 14. The building used to be an exhibition hall for Stockholmsutstälingen in 1897, and it has some fantastic details, like the lettering on the staircase. We sipped a glass of rosé wine on their terrace, enjoying the late afternoon sun and the view of all the people jogging or strolling past.

All the lovely looking cakes at this place is home made. I will try some next time around, for sure.

I'll leave you with a great view of Strandvägen, as seen from Djurgården. So long Stockholm. See you next time.


The Cottage Cheese said...

Stockholm has now moved near the top of my list of cities to see. Thank you for sharing such fantastic pictures! And it looks like you brought home some fabulous items. The little yellow horse you brought back for your son is my absolute favorite!@

Juddie said...

Hey Janne,
I'm loving the Stockholm pics - don't feel obliged to stop on my account!
x Juddie

Donatella said...

Hi Janne,
your posts on Stockholm were fantastic, please can we have some more? I really enjoyed them, it was like being back to Stockholm again. Also,you have a great eye for vintage finds - thank you very much for sharing this trip!

Ulrika said...

Lovely café shots!