Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exhibitions on my Stockholm list

There's quite a lot I'd like to do when I get to Stockholm next week, and these are some of the exhibitions I'd like to visit:
This summer’s major design exhibition at Liljevalchs’ Konsthall IKEA AT LILJEVALCHS. For all of us IKEA fans, this one should be good. (Thanks to Gro for the tip!)

A bit of info from their web: «Liljevalchs’ pleasurable plunge into the subject takes the form of a reflection of the development of modern society – from the emergence of the Swedish Folkhemmet to our time and to the globalised future. The exhibition provides a sky-high recognition factor as well as surprising gems from IKEA’s production.»

Then there is this Reform – nytt liv åt gamla prylar (New Life to Old Things), at 125 kvadrat.

A group of students from Kosta Glascenter are the creators of this exhibtion. They have questioned consumer habits and our tendency to buy and dispose of things at an ever greater speed. The results are re-designed objects made from thrift shop items.

One of my favorite places in Stockholm is Moderna Museet.

They now have works by artists Barbara Kruger in the entrance area. I would like to see these.

Other than that, I'd quite like to see the photography exhibition Åter Till Verkligheten (Reality Revisited), based on 1970s photos from the museums collection (mainly American and Swedish photographers).

I wasn't going to write about the other big exhibition at Moderna Museet at the moment, Clay Ketter, as I didn't think his work was my kind of thing. That was until I saw this photo of one of his works.

Being a retro dollhouse fan, I instantly recognized the shapes of Swedish dollhouse Lundby, deconstructed and all flattened out to make this piece of art. Now I'm intrigued. It says that Ketter «produced works in the borderland between architecture, sculpture and painting.» So. It looks like I might have to spend a bit longer than first planned at Moderna Museet...


line said...

du gleder deg, skjønner jeg :-D. god tur!!!

Conversation Pieces said...

Sounds good... wish I could go too :)