Thursday, June 3, 2010

Svenska dansband (Swedish dance bands)

Before I go away for the weekend (offline) I thought I'd serve you a little treat. If you have a connection to Scandinavia you might be aware of the phenomenon of 'dansband'. If not, you can read more about it at the end of this post.

The photos are from the book Svenska Dansband (which can be ordered for only SEK 59,-/about $10 at Bokus - they deliver Internationally. Totally worth the investment). If you have some spare time (like a couple of weeks) and would like to see a lot more dansband photos, log on to where you can browse some 6800+ images. In alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Top of the props.

I wonder if these suits were reversable.

Someone must have thought tie-dyed women's blouses would look really cool on a man band.

One of my favorites. Probably because I wore something similar in the early 70's. When I was 4 or 5.

Nice placing of the names. But where's Danny himself?

I wonder what the concept was behind this shoot.

Love the combination of the extreme golden platform boots juxtaposed with the barn in the background. Agriculture meets glam rock.

A great portrait. And the name is so ahead of its time. Sex and the City eat your heart out.

What can I say? The shoes, guys...

No comment.

I fear these guys were posing on quick sand.

The guy to the far right keeps intriguing me. Never seen anything like it.

And now for the Klimax.

This one's been doing the internet rounds for years, but it's kind of like the mother of all dansband pics so I simply had to include it:

Some background stuff: The golden age of Swedish dance bands were in the late 60's- early 80's. These photos were printed on postcards that were handed out to the fans during concerts. Now collecter's items (of course). The bands played in 'Folkparks' and hotel bars mostly and were hugely popular. The Scandinavian people must have really been into dancing back then (we're talking swing type), because there were such a huge number of these bands about. The outrageous costumes came about not only for style impact but for something as banal as tax purposes; In order to be able to write the bands' stage clothes off on their tax, they had to pass as 'fancy dress'.

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, this got me chuckling - and right in the middle of trying to do costing spreadsheets, so thanks for that!

Mats said...

Menneskets evne til å pynte seg kjenner ingen grenser. Det er kjempesøtt. Klærne her er mer kreative enn selve musikken!

God helg selv :)

Francesca said...

this is just too funny! and i love the story behind them. i can't see them doing swing music, they look more glam rock. that one who's intriguing you...a little bit jemaine non?
have a lovely weekend. x

Henriette L. said...

Formidable !
Voilà qui met de bonne humeur : comment une époque a-t-elle rendu possible un tel délire décomplexé !
Aujourd'hui parait morose et sérieux à côté.

aini said...

Oh wow, were there really that many dance bands in Sweden?:D Pretty nostalgic though:)

Janne said...

Glad this one was to your likings :-)

Francesca: Haha, you might be right about the Jemaineness. Only you would see that particular link.

Henriette: My french is a little rusty, but I appreciate your comments! Merci.

Aini: I'm afraid so. Yes, very nostalgic indeed.

Juddie said...

Oh these are just too fabulous for words. I'm speechless!

Anonymous said...

someone was able to convince not oe or tow but five or six guys to wear these outfits at the same time. hilarious

Astrid said...

OMG! Dette er jo helt fantastisk! Hvilken estetikk!

form55 said...

Gert-Jonnys bild är en klassiker!