Monday, June 14, 2010

Interiors anno 1961

Hope you've all had a nice weekend. I thought I'd start my blog week by giving you some nice living room interiors from vintage French magazine Art & Décoration, their april issue in 1961 to be specific. The magazines (as a lot of interior books) back then seemed to print mostly black and white photos – due to economics, I guess. But then again, the few full page color images are really a feast for the eye. (The last pic here is an ad, hence the text on it.)

I love the use of colors in these rooms. Petrol blue being one of my favorites.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

A reminder that the 60's were very good years in design, even French style! Thank you, so fun to see.

Have a great week ahead ~

Jacqui said...

The thing is that they wouldn't be very out of place in a high-end home magazine right now! It's funny to think that 10 or 15 years ago I would have laughed heartily at the furniture and styling and now I'm all "nice!" and am laughing at the furniture and styling from 10-15 years ago. ;)

Anonymous said...

So stylish. I've just started watching the Mad Men series, so am saturated in these kinds of colours and interiors. Love it.