Wednesday, June 2, 2010

London purchases

I said I would post some pictures from my London purchases shortly... Erhmm, well, it took a bit longer than expected. But here they are:

Melamine cups from London Transport Museum.
Michelle Mason
(check out all her cool products on her web site

Another mug from London Transport Museum.
I spent a bit longer than expected on this new tube line called the Overground,
so I thought the cup was not just a great design but also a nice memento.

Here's a close-up of the actual fabric pattern that is used on the seats on this line:

This big brass ring is a purchase from Spitalfields market, off Brick Lane. It is an area of London I hadn't previously explored, and I really enjoyed the market stalls there. Lots of great stuff including vintage clothes and accessories.

Traditional tweed patterns in a new way. Irish rather than English, but heck... looks very To The Manor Born to me :-) I'm sure it will go nicely with my classic duffel coat in the fall.
Hanna Hats.


line said...

so nice to see it again ;)

Francesca said...

love that overground mug. great design and colours are very you! it's not a new line, just taken over rcently by london transport. used to be called the north london line and has just been extended east. wow i'm interesting! anyway, i was on it today, crouch hill to gospel oak for a day on hampstead heath.
i so love that michelle mason design. have to get some of those cups.

Anonymous said...

Love those mugs – and that ring is so lovely. Good purchases :)

Janne said...

Francesca, thanks for that interesting piece of information (let me guess - you're a fan of QI..? ;-) I have an old A to Z – hence my ignorance of the Overground on the Underground. That, and the fact that we've not really been on the tube when travelling with a kid in a pram. (Thank god for black cabs!)