Friday, August 1, 2008

Wordl, anyone?

Oh, dear. Is there a lot of stuff to waste time on out there in cyberspace, or what? I just found Wordl, and being a lover of typography, I had to try it. Basically what it does, is compose a typographical image - a 'word cloud' - using a text you provide (it can be a text from a web-site or as I did - my blog) and it is supposed to vary the sizes of the words according to frequency.
On first (default) trial, this is what my blog page looks like. You can choose fonts, colours and other appearances. Reminds me of doing 'Basic typography' exercises back at college. But with less control and dare I say it, lesser quality in the result :-O It's fun, though, if you're into this kind of thing and has some spare time to play around...