Thursday, August 28, 2008

Snille Ikea

'Snille' is the name of this chair from Ikea. The word can translate from Norwegian as 'kind' or 'nice', and the price of these certainly live up to the name. I love the 50s colours. And the shape. I think I'll get the teal blue one.

I will stop posting Ikea stuff for a while now. Promise.


Francesca said...

oh i LOVE these. the blue would be my choice too.

Rebelf said...

I don't want to be a party-pooper but I cannot keep quiet about this.
You are probably right about the Norwegian translation, but the fact that IKEA is Swedish shines a new light upon the meaning of "Snille". Swedish as I am, I can tell you that snille is slang for genius.

The chairs are really nice, though!

Janne said...

Funny. I read somewhere that the Danes were rather peeved with Ikea because all Ikea items with Danish names was really cheap stuff, whereas the great stuff were named after Swedish places.

But the Ikea concept is genius, hands down. (An evil genius some might argue..?)

Siw said...

Stolen er flott, takk for deilig inspirasjon på bloggen din :)

Anonymous said...

After sitting on one at my local Ikea, I noticed how uncomfortable they are and how bad the quality is.

Anonymous said...

A person who is a SNILLE is a person that is very intelligent!

: )