Friday, August 22, 2008

Fancy footwear for fall

I was inspired by Mrs French's post the other day, and ended up surfing the web for some beautiful boots available in my neck of the woods. We're not spoiled for choice around here, but I this little selection covers some of the range, also in terms of price. Grays, brown and black dominates, some in shiny leather, others matte. High and low. It's all good.

From top: Costume National, Camper, Fiorintino + Baker, Fly London and Bianco.


ambika said...

There's nothing like boots to get me longing for fall.

Francesca said...

looks like you've been doing some faffing of your own janne! i can't wait to buy new boots for autumn, the best bit about the season changing (not that we have had much of a summer!). x