Friday, April 29, 2011

Yesterday’s catch, part III

The curves and light in this green Hadeland pitcher photographed so well it became a whole little series on its own :-)

When I grew up we had a bigger version of this pitcher in a smoked/grey colour. I've always liked its shape and the way it holds ice cubes. I think this was a popular design from Hadeland back in its days (probably the 1960s).


Lappesola said...

Kjempefin mugge. Sånn hadde vi da jeg vokste opp, men den knuste desverre.
Herlig med sånne funn som denne og karaffelen. Grattis.

Hilsen Sol

Maggie said...

I want one too!

designhund said...

min bestemor hadde også en slik,
alltid med vann og isbiter:-)
den er flott!

Francesca said...

oh yes, stunning pictures, beautiful object. amazing how an object can turn into a beautful project like that - all the different shapes and angles. right up my street! x

Scandinavian Retro said...

Jøss, så mange gode funn du kom over forleden dag! Liker denne mugga fra Hadeland spesielt godt, den har en herlig organisk fasong, og er like aktuell i dag som da den ble produsert.

Bloggenanne said...

I have the same pitcher, and it is in frequent use, although I am quite afraid of it :) I have seen the prices for this item at antique- and collectors fairs, so I am treating it with respect. My parents got both the grey and the green one as wedding presents when they got married in the early seventies. Luckily they gave the green one to me as they felt they didnt need them both.