Friday, April 8, 2011

Kitchen interlude

While I'm working on a collage of pottery patterns for you, I thought I'd wish you a happy and sunny spring weekend with these photos taken in my kitchen today.

Fruit in da room. The Cathrineholm Lotus bowls look smashing in the sunlight.

Basic lunch. It's starting to feel like Easter, my favorite holiday. Time for yellow.

What's more peaceful than a dog soaking up some sunshine?

And then – time for a large mug of coffee (and some tiny biscuits) while blogging.

Enjoy your weekend!


designhund said...

'pottery patterns' gleder jeg meg til å se!
her på kjøkkenbenken koser Cathrineholm seg også i solen og vi kan absolutt tåle litt gult på denne tiden.
ha en deilig helg!

Francesca said...

Mmm stylish snacking. My favourite kind. X

Lisa Kjellerød said...

Jeg er sjalu! I love all your bowls!

siri said...

Lovely things and lovely blog! I have your very same lunch glass (the one with the white and yellow flowers- my favorites to use, although the paint has worn off on two of them :(

Jessica May said...

Lovely photos, especially that top one, what beautiful colours!

MrsNilsson said...

Hei! fin blogg. eg lurte på det gulvbelegget der hunden "soler" seg. hvor kommer det fra? prøvd å finne sånt men ikke lykkes...

Juddie said...

mmmm ... dreamy! Love the bowls and of course your snoozing pup!