Thursday, March 1, 2012

New vintage items

I was out thrift-shopping again on Tuesday and was about to leave empty-handed when I suddenly spotted these little cuties. The two soft pink glasses look like very small vases and are unmarked. I liked them very much as a pair. The tiny smoked glass dish is marked 'Fuga' by Orrefors and the small hand-painted ceramic cup is from Stavangerflint. It's marked by a number but no initials, but I'm pretty sure it's by Inger Waage. I was very happy to find it :-)

The next two items are 'Turi design' by Figgjoflint. The cup and saucer in this yellow and brown colour combo is called 'Siri', and is quite rare. The more common colour combination for this pattern is a dark red and teal (you can see it on the lidded dish in the next image.) In this color combo the pattern is called 'Astrid'. The cup and saucers were found in an online auction and I forked out a little in order to get it in my collection.

This little creamer is my first item in the 'Arden' series. I just love the tree illustration and I think it's one of the best items I've seen in this sought-after pattern.

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