Thursday, March 31, 2011

The little things

To prove that size doesn't necessarily matter, here are some of the smallest dishes in my collection.

Pastoraali, Arabia made in Finland. Artist: Esteri Tomula.

Also Arabia of Finland. Could this also be by Esteri Tomula?

Turi-design, Market, Figgjo Flint, made in Norway.

Furstenberg, made in Germany. For the ship TS Hanseatic of the Hamburg Atlantic Line. (Artist unknown).


Francesca said...

all lovely esp the people at the cafe. it looks similar to the emilia range which is by Raija Uosikkinen (i just googled that spelling by the way, i'm not that good!) x

ps and the top one reminds me of that marimekko pattern, all black and white with a coloured circle, know which one i mean? hold on...this one

Lisa Kjellerød said...

Lovely dishes. I have a little black and white Arabia one too, only 5kr from the fleamarket!