Saturday, March 26, 2011

Latest pattern purchases

My Orla obsession never ends. I finally got my hands on a piece from her latest House collection. It was a difficult decision, but I ended up with this navy blue lidded cookie jar. I think it blends in OK with all the other jars and things.

The other house item I brought home from London this time was this cushion, bought at The London Transport Museum. I remember the days when that fabric adorned the seats of British Rail. It now adorns my lounge.


Francesca said...

ellis looks impressed! when oh when will they learn to appreciate our amazing taste! ;)
did you get anything at the mid century modern show? x

Ideas To Steal said...

a perfect choice. The navy blue would have looked good in my home too :) Have a fab sunday

melissa / Ideas To Steal

designhund said...

elsker mønsteret på den krukken, den passet helt perfekt sammen med samlingen din!
klem Tone