Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage from Valdres

I've been to the countryside again. Here are some snaps from the house in Valdres where we stayed overnight. (If you are a follower of this blog, you might have seen some photos from this place before.)

I want this bedlinen.

The wallpaper is going, unfortunately. (Or maybe just as well?)

Freshly painted to the owner's delight. The house was built in the early 1940s.

The office, now serving as a guest room. Turid's grandfather had good taste in (solid) office furniture.

...and was a horse enthusiast.

Better than Best Lights? I wish I'd checked this lamp for a maker's stamp.

There is also a playhouse on the property.

Lots of fun for both kids and grown-ups alike.

The playhouse interior looks the part.


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

What a lovely country house, I could spend a lot of time in such a place. Very cool lamp, and that horse jar is so unique.

idyll said...

Så nydelig.. Tenk å ha slikt skjønt hus:) Ville veldig gjerne hatt noen slike senger. Da hadde jeg drømt søtt!! De hesteflaskene var jo bare råkule.. Vet du hva de opprinnelig har vært??

Klem fra Idyll

Anonymous said...

The lamp looks like an old Kaiser Idell. They relaunched the more expensive models a couple of years ago, but the old (and simpler) ones are much cooler :-) As it is an old German design is a good place to find one. Thanks for a cool blog!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Okay, this is terrif, and I am lovin' that little collection of framed somehthings (photos?) on the office wall. :)

Francesca said...

this is the place with the delightful lamp base right? looks oddly like a new build since it's been freshly painted. what do you think?

Janne said...

Thanks for all your comments! Idyll: Jeg vet dessverre ikke hva hesteflasken opprinnelig har vært for. 3 typer sprit, kanskje..?
Anonymous: Thanks for the Kaiser tip!
Pfeiffer Photos: They are little black-and-white photos indeed. Of a skijumper in action!
Francesca: Exactly right - that same house :-) I think it's just in the photo the house looks like a new build...

line said...

take it from me (who has slept many times in the middle of these floral wallpaper walls: good riddance ;). the beds are gorgeous, and has given sweet dreams after she got new mattresses. and for the rest of the house, i think there’s enough treasures in this house for janne to take photos and post on her blog for a decade or so.