Saturday, April 24, 2010

In good company with Marimekko

The design team behind this new Marimekko table set have really been clever. All the various pattern designs can be mixed and matched to your own liking - and it will never clash. It makes you want to buy it ALL – at least that's the effect it has on me. Maybe just as well I can't afford it. Or make room for it.

These are some of my favorite patterns and dishes from the series. Make sure you go over to the Marimekko website to see the rest.
I will buy this and put it on the wall, I think.
I got this one :-)


Minna said...

I can see that you really love finnish ceramic, Marimekko and Ruska, both nice indeed.

Janne said...

That's right, Minna :-) Arabia and Marimekko are two big favorites.

Francesca said...

yes yes all of it now please thank you very much.

mel bomba said...

i'm so in love with this whole collection, especially that plate

lisa Kjellerød said...

I love them all too! So far I have one large bowl and Im hoping for more!