Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver - A Minute Impression

I do not follow sports in any way, but I've registred that the Winter Olympics have just started in Vancouver, Canada. It is a place I've been wanting to see for some time. Not really sure why, but I think the author/artist Douglas Coupland might have something to do with it. Also, I think the nature might be a bit similar to where I live – both places have easy access to hillsides for skiing in the winter and beaches and fjords for swimming and boating in the summer.

I found this cool little film via the Poppytalk blog.

Apropos Douglas Coupland, I really like this piece on his front page:


The Cottage Cheese said...

I was so excited when I found out that the Olympics were going to be in Vancouver, and I will be glued to my TV for the next two weeks! Vancouver has been on my list of dream places to visit for years now. I even did major research into moving to Canada. I told myself that if the majority of people in this country were stupid enough - excuse me, misinformed enough - to re-elect George W. Bush, that I couldn't live in the U.S. anymore. Vancouver was my dream city. But unfortunately, I found out that it's really difficult to immigrate to Canada. But I still want to visit sometime, and may not ever want to leave!

Juddie said...

Yes! What a fabulous city! Years ago I had great plans to resettle in Vancouver, and although unfortunately I haven't done so yet, I always think it would be a wonderful place to live.


Francesca said...

love it. something about it looks like models, not real.