Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work in progress

I haven't been posting much this week as I've been busy producing stuff. This is some of it. It's a broach made from a vintage dish. It's just one of my many projects at the moment. (They're all about recycling.)


majamysil said...

Hi Janne!

It's very nice. Hope you're going to make some jewlery to, like rings. We're all about recycling to. My mother and I runs the online shop, We recycle fabric into children clothes. We want to thank you for posting a link to our website. Could you please email us at

Best regards,

Cecilie said...

Oh, this look absolutely stunning! Can`t wait to see what more you are going to make. I just sent my application to DEJM, half an hour before the deadline ended. I just hope I am accepted this year aswell. Christmas just isn`t the same without it. :)

Janne said...

Thank you guys! It means a lot to me to get good feedback ;-)

Heather Moore said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more!