Friday, August 31, 2007

Black & white patterns

As I said, I went shopping today, and if there's one thing Åhléns is good for, it's great fabric at a reasonable price. I bought this fantastic waxed tablecloth fabric by the yard (top left) - spill all you like and just wipe it off! I love the pattern. The one next to it with the green berries I've been wanting for some time, but not really knowing what to use it for, I've passed on it. Now that I have it I still don't know what to make. More cushions, probably.

In the picture underneath,the fabric with the circles is a gown by Nanso, and on top of it is a shoe bag from LaRedoute (which I use to keep my knitting in at the moment).

Bottom picture: The cushion to the left is from Ikea, the one behind it is Åhléns again. Great bargains.

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