Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marimekko fall favourites

(Click image to enlarge.)

While I'm on the Marimekko trail... These are my favourite clothes from their autumn/winter collection. Not sure I could get away with wearing those bold horizontal stripes, but one can dream, right? The top right outfit looks like something my grandmother used to wear. Maybe that's why I'm attracted to it :-) What it lacks in sex appeal I'm sure it makes up for in comfort!


Francesca said...

oh my god i have to have that stripy jumper dress. i don't care how much it costs! love your little marimekko seasonal round-ups. you should get commission. x

Janne said...

It's gorgeous, isn't it? Glad you enjoy my little Marimekko round-ups!

Jacqui said...

Love the top middle two. The others are great but I think I'd look like a sack of potatoes in them (sadly).