Monday, September 14, 2009

And the winner is...

Most of Norway is preoccupied with the national election today, but here at what's blogging my view we have a much more fun 'election' to make. It's time to give away a pocket book cover from my Etsy shop, and to help me with the draw, who better than Kurt Fox – a natural when it comes to fishing out pieces of paper from just about anywhere?

So, start drumroll:
9 little pieces of paper with a name on each. Who smells the best, I wonder? No cheating, now...

Kurt doesn't hesitate, but jumps in there... Aaaaand – we have a winner!

Quick! Prise those gnashers apart before he swallows it. (Kurt looks vicious here. He's not. It's all in aid of getting it on camera.)

And the winner is:
Oktavas ene sønnedatter. Congratulations!

Thanks to all the rest of you for taking part :-) This was fun. I'll do it again some time.

1 comment:

Sylvie said...

No, you are mistaken :-) that was the name he didn't want to win! Obviously. No, I'm joking!