Friday, June 5, 2009

Red Friday

I like a bit of red here and there.
The 'Ericofonen' phone is an all time favorite.
Kurt likes to chew some of Ellis' cuddly toys. Naughty dog.
That's when I try to give the dog a bone... This is such a ridiculous item, I can't help but loving it. A chewing bone from Gucci. Gucci Dog, to be exact. I was given it by my friend Paul after he had used it for a photo shoot. It came in a black box with embossed silver logo, ribbon and the works. Talk about going to the dogs.

Have a nice weekend!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I love RED! Red is always my color of choice, my favorite. Any dog who likes a red bone has to be a very smart dog. Have a great weekend!

tavelhus said...

Red is my favourite!

sweet paul said...

OMG, you still have that bone.
Must be like 10 years ago?

Janne said...

Is it that long ago, Paul? Well, when I gave it to Gunn she just started shredding it like it was going out of fashion (Gucci? Never!), so I had to put it away. Kurt on the other hand, no the same motormouth, luckily.

sweet paul said...

Yes, it really is 10 years ago.
Talk about time flying.
Im amazed that you still have the bone.
Time for uncle P to send a new one from NYC.

Juddie said...

Kurt is so handsome! That bone is super silly but funny.
I love red too ....