Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dog update

Thank you all for your comments on my new dog :-) Who, by the way, is proving to be a great little chap. As kind as they come, but a real cheeky one too at times. He's great fun. I had him to the vet yesterday for his ID chip and general check-up. He's fine. And just now asked to come and rest in my lap... Ahh. Bless. And lo an behold - we finally have a name for him! We considered all your suggestions, but eventually went with my original choice: Kurt*.

* He was Dexter for one day, Rupert the next. Neither felt quite right.


Juddie said...

Oh Kurt, you are a cutie!

Ann-Sissel said...

Kurt! Så bra!!!! :-)

mel bomba said...

cuddles from me.

Moose is 6 now and he is still very cheeky but I love it, not a dull moment.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Kurt is so sweet, I just want to give him a kiss on the nose!

T:o)ve said...

Så skjønn han er!!! Kurt er jult da ;)
Vi ble aldri enige om noe nytt navn på vår, 5 sterke personligheter som sto steilt på sitt, så hun fikk beholde sitt :)
Gleder meg til å se hvordan han vokser seg til :)

sisseloonie said...

Han ser ut om en Kurt! Bra valg!