Friday, September 12, 2008

A sad tail

Those of you who read my blog regularly knows about my dog's condition. As if that wasn't enough for her little body - she was attacked by a large, vicious dog (off its leash) on her morning stroll yesterday. Luckily Gunn is quick on her feet, and the attacker only managed to bite the tip of her tail. (Her cute, always happily wiggeling tail!) There was a lot of blood so we took her to the vet, fearing that she might need an amputation. So far it seems to be only skin deep, but we have to administer antibiotics and change the bandages at least once a day. Plus try to keep her from chewing on the tail - which probably itches a great deal. Ever tried bandaging a small dog's tail? I'm quickly turning into nurse Nightingale over here... I have to add that Gunn is the most patient little JRT - she is SO good. Dressing the wound is still a handfull. (Just for the record: we don't dock tails on dogs purely for esthetic reasons in this country.)

I feel so sorry when I look at her bothered expression. Why should she suffer for this? It's so unfair. I just hope the tail heals quickly and that she's had her share of trouble now.


Heather Moore said...

Poor little Gunn! It's so awful when the little animals we live with get hurt.

sweet paul said...

Oh no, what a horrible story.
Poor little Gunn, I feel so sorry for her.
Get well soon little Gunn Hund.

Francesca said...

oh lovely gunn, she's so sweet. poor thing. hope she gets better soon.

Juddie said...

Oh poor little Gunn! She looks like such a beautiful little sweetie. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope that her tail is back to its wiggly ways very soon!