Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yellow + gray combo

Some of my purchases in Copenhagen yesterday. I'm a big fan of Havaianas and when I spotted these brownish gray* ones at Urban Outfitters (on discount, even!) I was well pleased. Whenever I'm out wearing high heels I keep a pair of Havaianas in my handbag for that steep hill home. They go with most things anyway and they are so comfortable.

I like the gray and yellow color combination and think this will be great for fall as well as now. The scarf with bird motif is from H&M.

* What IS the correct English name for this color? The graphic designer in me with Pantone fan in hand would probably call it a warm gray.. Could it be 'taupe'? 'Mole'? Anyone?


Francesca said...

it could be mole...is it too pale for charcoal? i think taupe has slightly more brown in it. modern colours eh!

Janne said...

I think I'll settle for mole :-)

mel bomba said...

Thanks Janne, I'm feeling much better.
Being in Australia, Havaianas are huge, they are the aussie essential.
Love that scarf.